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“Ikhtiar: Balancing Human Will and Divine Decree in the Quest for Success Across Two Realms” is an engaging narrative that weaves together the Quranic tale of Prophet Yousuf (Joseph) from Surah 12 with Omer’s personal life story. Emerging from a transformative phase after the sudden loss of his parents from cancer, despite his worldly success, Omer offers a unique storytelling approach. The book stands apart for its ability to connect readers with the Creator through a concise, logical, and practical narrative, steering away from a conventional scholarly format. It navigates the intricate aspects of life, touching upon themes such as the distinction between trials and punishments, the essence of hope, and Taqwa (God-consciousness and piety). The narrative is rich with insights on sincerity in action and devotion, highlighting the importance of leadership, the power of dreams, and the inevitable ebbs and flows of life. At its core, the book focuses on the concept of divine sovereignty over outcomes, interlacing human endeavors with Allah’s will. Omer’s journey offers a profound perspective, encouraging readers to reflect on their own life paths in the context of divine decree and personal agency.

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Omer has had diverse, yet challenging experiences throughout his life and has written this book after the loss of both his parents. Click below to learn more …